One to One Consultations

The idea behind one-one consultations is that you receive a tailor-made Nutritional Programme that suits your personal goals, tackles your health concerns whilst being practical, affordable and achievable so it fits in with your daily life. You will be fully supported throughout so you can achieve the results you desire.

What to expect

You will initially be sent a questionnaire which you will need to complete prior to the consultation. A full medical history along with an assessment of your diet, work life, lifestyle and exercise routine will be taken during the first consultation.

Following this, we talk through the reasons that may be underlying your health condition so you can make the connection between what you eat and what it does to your body and ultimately how it makes you feel. Biochemical tests may be recommended to determine any specific conditions or imbalances so we can fully assess any health conditions.

A personalised nutritional and lifestyle programme is drawn up to deal with your health concern but also to fit in with your lifestyle. Nutritional Supplements may be recommended in certain cases to support the dietary changes.

The Nutritional Programme will help you to make small incremental changes over a period of time. In my experience this is the most effective way to achieve the results you desire. Changing your way of eating over night is both impractical and unrealistic and will not last.  With your new found knowledge about food you will look back after a few months and will be surprised at how far you have come.


                     Download a Questionnaire 


Group workshops

Group workshops designed to educate on health issues are available upon request. These can be tailor made to your requirements whether it be to boost morale and the health of your employees, a community centre or for a group of people wanting to get together to learn about Nutrition.  Various topics include ‘Improving energy levels and managing stress', ‘Healthy eating for under 5's', 'Preconceptual health' 'Boosting your immune system', ' Weight management', 'Digestion and health'.


Cooking demonstrations

Cooking classes and demonstrations using nutritious, fresh and seasonal ingredients can be arranged upon request at your home.

Please contact me to find out more information.


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