Frequently asked questions

How many sessions will I need?

It depends entirely on your health conditions and your motivation and ability to make changes in order to reach your goal. Three consultations over a 3-6 month period is usually the average time to see real improvements in your health. However, some stubborn conditions may need more consultations whilst other conditions may only take 1 month to see improvements. It is recommended that you have atleast one follow up consultation in order to reassess your programme and to make sure you are on the right track. Small, incremental changes to the diet lead to better more long lasting results and we find that too many changes in the first session can lead to poor compliance.

What happens if I am too busy to cook or don't have time to spend hours shopping?

Not to worry! Most people in London lead very busy lives and time spent on shopping and cooking can be restricted due to work, social or family commitments. Our job is to make the changes to your diet as easy and simple as possible by giving you ideas on where to shop, what to buy and even where the food is located in the supermarket! We may also give you ideas on where to eat out, what to choose when eating out and menu plans or simple, practical and tasty recipes.

Do you recommend Nutritional Supplements?

Your Nutritional Programme will be made up mainly of dietary advice, however, nutritional supplements may be recommended on a short term basis in order to address any nutritional imbalances and to support the body on it's journey back to health. This is because the use of supplements can work faster than lifestyle and dietary changes alone. For instance, certain groups such as the elderly, women of child bearing age or at the stage of menopause, or people undergoing a stressful lifestyle may need extra support via supplementation. Your Nutritional Supplement programme will be tailor made to suit your medical needs, budget and preferences.

What type of foods do you usually recommend?

This depends entirely on your health concern, but fresh, seasonal, wholesome foods are the forefront of good Nutrition. However , we understand that you may not have the time to cook and shop for fresh produce so we may recommend healthy ready-made food  or bought in options and meals that take minutes to prepare. You will be recommended foods you need to increase in your diet that provide certain nutrients and enzymes that are specific to your health concern and those which are best reduced or cut out from your diet as much as possible (such as fizzy drinks, highly processed foods and confectionary). You will be given alternatives to the foods/drinks that you are advised to reduce or cut out from your diet so you will not be short of choice. If anything, you will find you have many new types of food and recipes to choose from and even ones you never knew you would enjoy! The programme can be tailor made to any cultural or dietary requirements such as Kosher, Halal, Vegan, Vegetarian etc.

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