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Going to see Amanda was definitely one of the most constructive things I have done for myself. I had a problem relationship with food from an early age. I suffered from acne, I was constantly tried and lethargic, I had bad mood swings, my hair was falling out and my periods had stopped. I just started to feel really unwell. My meeting with Amanda started by going through the comprehensive questionnaire and food diary I was asked to complete beforehand. Amanda was immediately able to identify what the potential problems were and she explained them to me in a way that was clear and understandable so I was under no illusions about the damage I was doing to my body. She gave me realistic suggestions about what to eat for each meal. Her approach was very collaborative, if I said I did not like something or if I was not prepared to eat something in light of my issues with food she suggested more realistic alternatives. My lifestyle was also taken into account and she gave me suggestions for what to choose when eating out, suggestions for ready made foods and loads of delicious recipe ideas. The day after we met, she sent me everything in writing and it has been invaluable to have something to refer to. In addition Amanda has provided ongoing email support in response to my queries and questions.

I have not found sticking to the suggestions difficult at all, partly because it was so realistic. I know it sounds cliché but I seriously started to feel better after a week and I had a period after two!! My skins looks brighter, my hair looks fuller and I feel more energised….people have even started to notice! I seriously even feel like my vision has improved! I am learning I can eat more without gaining loads of weight. I can’t recommend the service I was provided enough, my health has improved tenfold and I am looking forward to see what else is suggested in my next consultation!

Rena, London


I saw Amanda with what must be fairly typical symptoms ie lacking in energy, sore eyes, general malaise etc. Her advice has proved to be not only spot on but has virtually alleviated all my symptoms with a combination of diet and nutritional supplements. There was me thinking it was the credit crunch that was leading to my symptoms!

Richard, SW13

I had the pleasure of having a consultation with Amanda last week. Amanda is extremely dedicated to her work and it shows right from the start. She managed to identify key concerns in my diet and made pertinent and very effective recommendations. These were delivered in an informal, easy to understand manner and written down into a personalised plan. In addition to this, Amanda was able to make dietary recommendations to fit perfectly and seamlessly into my routine - something every busy professional or parent would really appreciate! I would have no hesitation in recommending Amanda to friends and clients!

Biliana, N1



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