About Amanda 

Welcome to Back to Nutrition. I am passionate about food and health and my job is to educate people on healthy eating and inspire them to acheive optimum health. Food is central to the lives of us all and for this reason I believe that food should not only be nutritious but also tasty. I currently run my clinic from home in Hertfordshire. I have previously run clinics in Islington, The City and Canary Wharf and have worked with Community Kitchen Projects educating communities on healthy eating and cooking throughout London.

I qualified from The Institute for Optimum Nutrition in 2007, one of the top training institutions in the UK. I am a member of the British Association for Applied Nutrition and Nutriitonal Therapy (BANT) who promote the highest standard of education in Nutritional Therapy and uphold the highest standards of practice and ethics within the profession. I am also a Foresight Practitioner with a keen interest in pre conceptual, antenatal and postnatal nutrition and a member of CNHC.

My philosophy is that a good diet is the foundation for health. More and more research shows the effect different foods can have on how our body functions, from mood to energy to how we look and perform both mentally and physically. As individuals we are all unique and our different genetic make up, lifestyles, age and environment mean that our nutritional needs vary greatly. For this reason, consultations are tailor-made to suit your lifestyle, medical needs and health goals.

My aim is to educate you about the healing powers of food and help you to make changes to your diet that are simple, acheivable and practical. I will guide you throughout the process so that the changes are easy and most importantly enjoyable.

The field of Nutrition is constantly developing and as such I am committed to ongoing professional development keeping abreast of all the current research and innovations.



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